Electrifying Industry (2018)

Electrifying Industry Report 2018Manufacturers can replace fossil fuels with renewable electricity.  This eliminates up to 8% of Australian emissions.

When you pour a can of beer,  open a jar,  read a book or buy a plastic drink bottle,  do you think about the energy used to make them?

For manufacturers to transform raw materials into everyday products they require enormous amounts of heat, which causes 8% of Australian greenhouse gas emissions – as much as our entire car fleet and more than the state of South Australia. Globally,  the contribution of process heat is higher – about 12% of all emissions.

Electrifying Industry shows how manufacturers can generate heat differently, through the smart use of renewable electricity.  By electrifying industry,  Australian can eliminate up to 8% of national emissions.

Electricity is remarkably versatile and has no practical temperature limit,  meaning it can power any industrial heat process from cooking a can of beans to melting 100 tonnes of iron.  It allows us to make things in a smarter way and can double the efficiency of many industrial processes,  saving money in the process.

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Contents of Electrifying Industry

Electrifying Industry explores the potential of five categories of electrical heating technology:

  1. industrial heat pumps
  2. electromagnetic heating – infrared; induction and microwaves
  3. electric furnaces – resistance, arc and plasma
  4. renewable hydrogen produced by electrolysis
  5. heat storage – storing electricity as heat.

The report shows how these technologies could be used in the manufacturing of everyday products such as food, paper, bricks, plastic and steel.

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Our research is showing that Australia can rapidly move to a zero carbon emissions economy.  We can become a renewable energy superpower, grasping a secure and prosperous future. View a brief overview of our plans for this transition.

Beyond Zero Emissions is having impact, for example: (1) Our 2012 report, Repowering Port Augusta, and our advocacy eventually led to the 2017 $680 million contract for a solar thermal plant in South Australia, and (2) BZE has been ranked as one of the best independent think tanks in the world, by the Lauder Institute in Pennsylvania USA.

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